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There is a real good reason why you should shop at an independent lumberyard such as Mathews & Fields in lieu of maybe, say, a big box. Most of the independent lumber dealers belong to a large buying group so it gives us collective purchasing power. So our inventory is just at the same price point as one of the home centers might be. So you’ll need to take a look through our webpage and look at the different products. We have lumber, mill-work, decking, windows, the list goes on and on.

But what’s most important is that we are a local company and the employees that we have here are very knowledgeable. They are more than willing and experienced to help you from the beginning of the project and take you through to the end. So you shouldn’t be afraid of not knowing what questions to ask – we can sit down with you and review your project and give you our best help to make it as seamless as possible.