Interior Doors

At Matthews & Fields we hang doors in our own door shop!

This makes possible many options for you. We can hang doors on various colors of hinges. We can use odd width jambs.We can also make double door sets, and dutch doors.

Interested in replacing doors in your house? We can machine new doors to fit your hinge and bore locations.

Molded Hardboard

Today’s most popular choice for interior doors is the molded hardboard doors made by  Jeld-Wen and Masonite. These doors use sawmill chips to mold many creative designs. They are environmentally friendly–they use the waste from sawmills to create designs of beauty and impressive functionality. The doors resist expansion and contraction with seasonal changes in humidity. Because they are made from one solid piece of material, they also avoid cracking and separating. Most often molded hardboard doors are built with hollow centers for economical reasons.

We stock a few designs at Matthews & Fields. Our stock doors are purchased with double top & bottom rail for added stability and to allow easy height adjustment. Doors with a solid core more closely replicate the weight and feel of solid wood doors. The solid core material provides the door with enhanced stability and support. In addition to the pleasing weight and feel, doors with solid cores also act as better sound insulators than hollow core doors. Sound transmission Coefficient is an indicator of a given material’s ability to act as a sound barrier. The higher the number, the better their performance. Solid core doors will perform 15% better in this category than hollow core doors.

Medium Density Fiberboard Doors

When you are looking for an elegant door with unique specifications, look for medium-density fiberboard such as those made by Millenium Door & Trustile. Solid sheets of medium-density fiberboard are pressure-formed to create precisely the look you want. This stable material is an environmentally friendly substrate that will not split or warp and provides a smooth paintable surface. This type of door can be seen at the Rochester Home Builders office building in Henrietta, NY.

Wood Doors

Wood doors are a favorite for creating warmth and historical correctness. Matthews & Fields supplies high quality pine colonial doors and French doors from Rogue Valley. We also have the classic flush doors in birch, oak, and lauan. Many other wood doors are available from Lemieux, Jeld-Wen, Simpson, Rogue ValleyTruStile, and