Molded Millwork


One of the largest manufacturers of moulded millwork including louvers, gable and fascia venting systems, window and door trim, door entrance systems, mouldings, decorative millwork, balustrade systems, and columns .

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Louvers and Gable Vents

  • Venting and non-venting: arched, springline, peaked, round, oval, triangular, quarter round


“E-Vents”- eave Venting System

  • Crossheads, pediments, dormers, keystones

Window and Door Trim

  • Crossheads, pediments, arched trim, shutters, pilasters, keystones


  • Flat trim, fluted casings, many casing profiles, dentil trim, many crown profiles

Decorative Millwork

  • Brackets, quoins, gable pediments, dentil blocks, corbels, niches, ceiling medallions, finials, appliqués, keystones, plinth blocks, ceiling domes, spires, ceiling beams, nips

Balustrades and Columns

  • 5″, 6″, 7″, 12″ balustrade systems
  • Fluted square, plain paneled square, smooth square, and serpentine columns
  • Lamp posts

Apex Urethane Millwork

Moulded millwork including balustrade systems, columns, oval/arch/elliptical casings, window and door heads, entrance systems, window panels, gable decorations, shutters, louvers, brackets, dentil blocks, medallions, rosettes, and mouldings

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Balustrade Systems and Columns

  • 3-5/8″, 5-1/2″, 7-1/4″, and 12″ balustrade systems
  • Round smooth, round fluted, square paneled columns
  • Porch posts
  • Lamp posts

Oval/Arch/Elliptical Casings

Window and Door Heads

  • Crossheads, pediments, dormers, keystones

Entrance Systems

  • Entrance systems, crossheads, pediments, customizable

Window Panels

Gable decorations

  • Gingerbread, sunburst, timber framed

Shutters and Louvers

  • Paneled and louvered shutters
  • Venting and non-venting louvers: round, half round, arched, springline, quarter round, octagonal, oval, round, triangular, peaked, rectangular, and diamond

Brackets, Medallions, and Spires

  • Many bracket profiles
  • Ceiling medallions
  • Rosettes
  • Spires
  • Appliques


  • Fluted casings, many casing profiles, dentil trim, many crown profiles