Scott Fields Transcript

I went to the University of Maryland and received a degree in business management. So I guess I’ve been here about 35 years now.

I’d like to talk about what I think the strengths of our company are. First, we are family owned and operated. I’m fourth-generation in this business and I am always here, I’m always accessible. Any questions or concerns, I’m available.

Another of our strengths I would say lies in our purchasing power. Even though we are a single, independent lumber yard, we belong to a much larger buying group that allows us to have access to purchasing power in the billions of dollars. That allows us to buy as well as any other national or independent lumber yard in the country.

And another one of our strengths are roof trusses. We design and build roof trusses here at our Henrietta location. We’ve been doing that since the 1960s and we were the first lumber yard in Rochester to offer custom-designed and built trusses. And the fact that we build them here allows us to control the quality and also the scheduling. So we can better meet the production schedules of our customers.

Another area of strength is in engineered floors. We handle the Trus Joist product line. We have an in-house designer, Jesse St. John, and he does a very good job in value engineering. He’s able to design floor systems with the highest performance and lowest cost.

Another area is estimating. We have a full-time estimator in Bob Williams. You bring us your plans, large or small, and we’re able to break down a materials list and price it out in the different product categories. And we do not charge for that service.

But most of all I think our biggest strength is our personnel, our employees, our people. We have long-term, very experienced employees with a wealth of product knowledge. So welcome to Matthews and Fields.