Engineered Wood

Contact our Engineered Lumber Specialist at 585-334-5500.

In stock – ready to deliver to your site – Weyerhauser Trus Joist Engineered lumber!

We stock TJI-joists, Microllam (LVL), and Timberstrand (LSL) in lengths up to 48 feet and depths up to 18″ Additional products such as Parallam are readily available for your project.

Trus Joist products provide greater dimensional stability, greater span capability and more overall value compared to traditional 2x lumber construction.

Matthews & Fields has the inventory and experience to provide engineered lumber solutions for projects ranging from addition to multi-unit apartment buildings. We have an inhouse Engineered Lumber Specialist, and unparalleled support from Weyerhaeuser I Level. We can get the job done efficiently and for the best value.