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Our History

Our History

Matthews & Fields Lumber has been serving the greater Rochester area since 1896.

Emigrating from England in the late 1800’s, Isaac and Sylvia Matthews originally established roots in Montreal, Canada. After moving to Lake Ontario to expand the waterfront infrastructure, Sylvia’s son Alonzo brought his family to the port of Charlotte for the winter. The activity of the area convinced them to stay, and they began storing lumber near the Genesee River. They would later build a house on Lake Avenue and transport lumber by horse drawn cart.

Alonzo’s daughter Pamela Matthews would come to marry Leslie Fields in 1920. Leslie would become a major contributor of the business along with Pamela’s sister, Lena Matthews. Later in the 1960’s, Leslie and Pamela’s two sons Jack and Donald would expand the business south, opening a new location in Henrietta. This store opened a truss plant to meet the rising demand of new construction homes. The truss plant remains an integral part of the business to this day! The company is currently managed by Jack and Donald's sons John, Scott, and Doug Fields. The three continue to successfully manage the family business, providing quality lumber and building supplies to the community with customer service that makes you feel like family.

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