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Matthews & Fields Lumber Co. designs and fabricates our own trusses at the Henrietta facility, allowing for full control over design, production scheduling, and delivery. 

Since 1960, Matthews & Fields Lumber Co. has been providing trusses to the Rochester market and surrounding counties. Early trusses were constructed with glue, staples, and plywood gussets. In 1962 we installed the first I beam press and began using gang nail plates. Trusses are engineered to provide the most strength for the least cost. Using trusses allows for faster construction time and saves on labor costs.


We have the experience of over 60 years of building trusses. Our truss engineer has over 34 years of experience and training! From tool sheds to large commercial projects, small homes to multi-unit apartment projects, Matthews & Fields produces approximately 20,000 individual trusses per year.

For custom Truss quoting and information, please email Jesse St. John at the Henrietta location. 

Learn more about our Truss Shop

Scott Fields discusses our custom truss shop and its manufacturing capabilities at our Henrietta location.

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