Customer Testimonials

We deal in satisfied customers!

We are incredibly grateful to work with the many contractors and homeowners who buy our products and take advantage of our many services. Creating satisfied customers is what we do best here at Matthews & Fields and so we thank the customers below for their kind words…

Justin Hamilton, partner at Hamilton/Stern Construction, talks about the importance of Matthews & Fields to his business. Thanks Justin! We’ll be profiling Hamilton/Stern in mid-October in our Contractor Profiles series. Stay tuned…

Long-time satisfied customers like John Graziose of Gerber Homes have some very positive things to say about our company. Thanks John!

Cody of Monroe Industries Inc., generously shared a short testimonial about his customer experience with Matthews & Fields:

We’ve been dealing with Matthews and Fields for years now, using their lumber, two by fours, trim lumber, plywood, three-quarter inch plywood, one half inch Advan Tech, nails, pretty much everything they supply we use.  Their customer service has been great throughout the years and I look forward to working with them on more jobs.


One of our favorite long-time satisfied customers Dave E. of Henrietta had this to say about his customer experience at M&F…Thanks Dave!

Hi, I’m Dave and I own this house in Henrietta.  I have done a lot of work on this old 1850’s circa farmhouse over the years.  A couple of years back I re-sided the whole place myself. I took off the old clapboard which was in terrible condition,  and re-sided with this LP Smartside and I have to say I am very, very lucky that I was able to deal with Matthews & Fields and their wonderful staff.  I got great advice, I got great delivery, I paid nothing for the delivery fee. And I was able to go in there and “pick the brains” of multiple people, particularly the yard manager Jim, over there. They were very,  very helpful during this big project and they are my go to lumberyard. I try to shop there for anything and everything home related that I need. I’ve been very very happy to have them as neighbors – friends even. So Matthews & Fields, you guys are fantastic!

satisfied customers

Long time friends and satisfied customers gather at the annual Matthews & Fields cookout.